Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully all your questions will be answered below, if not please contact us.
If your question is regarding the booking of the Caravan itself, please use the enquiry form on the owners Caravan detail page.

Finding a Caravan Holiday

Can I take my pet with me to the caravan

Not all the caravans advertised are pet friendly but we do have many pet friendly caravans and you have two choices to find them. Either go onto the homepage then click on the link to show all the pet friendly caravans or use the advanced search to find what you would like.

Do you offer Caravan holiday insurance?

Unfortunately we do not offer Caravan holiday insurance.

Do I need to pay a deposit when booking my holiday?

Please contact the owner of the Caravan for further information on deposits. You can contact the owner via the owners Caravan detail page.

Is there a minimum stay for the Caravans?

Please contact the owner of the Caravan for further information. You can contact the owner via the owners Caravan detail page.

What happens if I have a problem on my holiday is responsible. only introduce you to the owner of the caravan if you have any problems with your holiday or the caravan you hire then this should be taken up with the caravan owner.

Someone told me there was a Facebook group aswell, how do I find it.

This link will take you there then ask to join but please read the rules before posting anything on there.

Find A Caravan

Adding your Caravan

Why should you advertise your caravan with Find A Caravan Holiday

How did you get to this page? You will have seen an advert somewhere because the Find A Caravan Holiday team are working hard to advertise our website and the caravans advertised on it.
Don't forget about our Facebook group that is exclusive to people who advertise on our website.
We can assure you the best efforts are made to get your advert seen but please follow our advice when building your advert and taking your pictures.
We are one of the cheapest websites out there and we also run a referral scheme that rewards our advertisers when they refer their friends so your future adverts could be FREE.

How much is it to advertise my caravan on

Adding your first caravan will be £39.99 per year to rent your caravan with the option of a second rental for £9.99 as an introductory offer.
This could be subject to change but Find A Caravan Holiday will give 90 day’s notice of any change in price and any renewals within this notice period will be charged at the old price and no one will be under any obligation to renew their advert with us if don’t want to.

Is there any other ways I can get bookings for my caravan.

We have a Facebook group where anyone who advertises their caravan on our website can advertise their caravan on our group. This link will take you there then ask to join but please read the rules before posting anything on there.

How do I receive the customers booking?

The customer will be able to contact you regarding bookings via the enquiry form on your advert page. Please provide an email address you would the enquiries to be sent too. You can also display your telephone number on your page.

How do I add my Caravan?

Please visit our advertise page and register your details then we will send you login details to access your own page where you will be able to keep your advert up to date by changing your pictures and keeping your calendar up to date with bookings.

How do I update my Caravan page?

Upon registering with us, you will be provided with your own unique log in details where you can gain access to your page and change any copy or images you like anytime. Simply log in by clicking the log in button displayed at the head and foot of the page.

I’m not getting any enquiries for my caravan

Take another look at your advert, have you put good pictures on there are your pictures clear and good quality, does your caravan look tidy in the pictures, check your pricing against similar caravans on your park

When I advertise my caravan on your website can I always use the Facebook group as well.

You are NOT automatically added to the FB group so you need to visit and join. Once joined you need to read the rules and abide by them because if you don't you will be removed from the group.

Add Your Caravan